GI Octagonal Poles

Octagonal Pole, for primary use as street lighting poles. products are fabricated using premium quality raw material and are customized to client’s specification. the poles are manufactured from tapered polygonal or circular sections, which are slipped together at site and so maintenance of close tolerances and straightness are trust areas. they come ready as flange- plated, galvanized and custom designed. Use of high-strength sheet steel and can produce single.

GI Highmast Poles

Lowering headframe masts allow the headframe to be lowered with a winch and are ideal for accessing headframes at ground-level when space around the mast is tight. These lowering headframe masts provide easy maintenance access at mast base and offer additional features such as optional headframe latching.Benefits include reducing risks of multiple internal cable-snagging problems by using a single multi-core electrical cable system for up to 12 floodlights.High masts can be manufactured as single-direction, two-direction and circular multi-directional types according to floodlight orientation, depending on the customer’s requirements. Our high mast poles are two sided Galvanized and thus have a better durability.

GI Tubular Poles

We manufacture swaged poles from 5 metres to 16 metres as per the highest quality standards of is: 2713 / bs 4360 and customized for specific applications.

Abnee offers galvanized / painted swaged poles as per customer requirements. our product range includes light poles in single hang and double hangs, street light poles and traffic light poles among others that are made of erw tubes of suitable lengths swaged and joined together.